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By Chuck Hasse, Leech Lake Fishing Guide with Leisure Outdoor Adventures

Fall is finally here.

Unfortunately, nobody told Mother Nature. 

Water temps in the mid-60s have kept fish in their summer patterns as of late except earlier in the week. Recent daytime highs in the high 70s or even 80s have warmed water temps back up as of right now.  Given the forecast, water temps should slowly start to decrease again throughout the next 10 days and hopefully activate the attitudes of fish on Leech Lake.

As of now, the best tactics for catching almost all fish are the same as you would have used a month ago.  For Walleyes, reaction baits such as a #7 Rapala Shad rap or a Berkley Flicker Shad trolled over flats in 8-10 ft of water is a good go-to…

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We hear it daily… “People self-manage their rentals all the time, how hard could it be?” Or, “Management companies charge fees, wouldn’t it be cheaper if I just did it on my own?”  

Don’t get us wrong, there may be instances where self-managing is the right option for you. Some people have ample free time, live in close proximity to the property, or have prior short-term rental experience. Maybe renting it is a temporary solution for a few months or, some people may be a glutton for punishment. Regardless, we’ve learned that self-managing simply isn’t a viable long-term solution for most owners. We know because our clients tell us!

When you partner with a professional management company you’re getting a trusted partner, a “boots-on-the-ground”…

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