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Spring on the Horizon 

With the mild winter we have had so far, it sure feels like spring is near! February presents a lot of great outdoor opportunities!  


Ice conditions are changing daily so make sure to get the local report from bait shops and local guides before you go.

It’s time to "get sheddy" as my good friends at Domain say! February is go time for shed hunters. Bucks are losing their headgear daily. With these mild temps, it sure makes putting on the miles more enjoyable. While shed hunting I take the opportunity to do some scouting and look at all the sign from the past fall. I have been out a few times doing some TSI (Timber Stand Improvements) work…

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Late-season hunting plus ice, ice baby! 

What a wonderful fall it has been in the BLA. Winter is now upon us! Fresh ice is being made daily.

Haven’t filled your deer tag yet? No worries! Muzzleloader season goes until December 10th and archery until the 31st! Plenty of grouse hunting season left as well! Late season is some of the best hunting in my opinion. Those food plots and grain fields are the ticket. Some Does are even going into heat during this time as well. Cooler temps have the deer preparing for winter and bucks recovering after the rut. Get the buddy heater fired up and get out there!

Ice fishing season is here! Many lakes in the area have between 3-5 inches. Ice fishing has started. Early ice= extra caution. Be sure to check with…

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Summer in the B.L.A! There's nothing like it.

Hope you all are enjoying the sunshine and the lake life while it's here. 

One of my favorite parts about living in the B.L.A. is having access to all of the amazing lakes nearby. Also can't beat a good patio on a summer evening!

Fishing reports so far have been steady with game fish such as Bass, Northern Pike, and Walleye! Anglers are reporting a good evening bite on live bait for walleyes. Panfish can be caught at just about any dock, so grab the kids and have some fun!

BEHIND THE DIRT TIP → Summer is full tilt for Land Services. Between setting up properties and creating food plots, the sweat equity happens now! 

When planting a food plot this summer make sure to follow this simple tip…

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Spring thunder! 

[After a winter of record snowfall it’s safe to say we are all ready for spring!]

Turkey hunting has kicked off here in Minnesota and the snow storm certainly has added a twist for hunters! Birds are starting to get fired up and it seems like the numbers are good this spring. Hunters have until the end of May to bag a bird. 

Fishing opener is coming up on May 13th! That will be here before we know it. Be sure to get your new license, prep your boat and get your gear ready beforehand. Nobody likes to be the guy that puts his boat in for the first time on opener and it doesn't start! 

BEHIND THE DIRT TIP → Looking to do a food plot or plant trees this spring? Save time + money and get your soil tested! Soil health…

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Will the snow ever go away? I sure hope so! 

Anglers are still having luck with a good panfish bite. Be careful as the ice conditions change rapidly with warmer temps on the horizon. 

→ Shed hunters wait patiently for the snow to melt to find some white gold! I was recently down south for the Iowa Deer Classic and got to get out and see some awesome sign! 

As the snow starts to melt and temps warm up, it makes for a perfect time to frost seed. The best time to frost seed is when there is minimal snow and the temps are above freezing during the day and back to freezing at night. This environment naturally allows nature to pull the seed into the soil giving it great moisture and seed to soil contact — making it a great spring food plot and a…

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Spring is near! ... hopefully.


This month brought all kinds of twists in the weather! From freezing temps to 40 degree days and even rain! However, anglers still report a good evening and night crappie bite. With hopefully some warmer temps coming, one of my favorite things to do is get a group of family and friends together and watch tip ups and enjoy the great outdoors.

Reminder to anglers →  Be sure to get a new license at the end of the month and remove your fish houses!

With some of the snow starting to melt these last few weeks, I got the itch to put some boots on the ground, and scout some hunting ground and shed hunt along the…

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Mid Winter Outdoor Update: The BLA is an outdoorsman’s paradise.


The local fishing reports are still reporting good crappie bites at evening/night, as well as some walleye. Ice fishing can get a little tougher during the middle of winter. Try moving out a little deeper or finding some good structure to set up on. During the day, one of my favorite things to do with a group of friends or family is set up a bunch of tip ups in the shallows. I like to use big suckers and shiners for a good pike and bass bite — and if you are lucky sometimes a walleye! 

There's tons of outdoor events happening in our area this winter —…

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Winter is in full force in Minnesota, let's take advantage of every minute of it!

Lakes are starting to fill up with ice fishermen and snowmobiles have hit the trails. Hunters have just a little over a week to fill an archery tag with that season ending on December 31st. Local ice reports are saying that there is solid ice but all this snow calls for some slushy conditions. With the cooler temps recently, it should help. Many anglers report a good walleye bite on Gull and Pelican. Shiners and rainbows have been doing well. Crappies are also starting to hit on some of the smaller local lakes as well.

I can’t help but to think about spring and food plot season already as deer hunting season is coming to an end. I am already planning my food plots…

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The rut is in full swing and tags are being filled throughout the BLA.

I have seen lots of chasing, fighting, and mid-day cruising from some nice deer! The key to hunting November is stand time. Rifle season kicked off last weekend and some hunters are lucky enough to get three weekends of rifle hunting depending on your zone. Don't forget about muzzloader and late season archery to follow. If you haven't filled a tag yet, you still have time! 

The rut has been picking up in the north woods which is right on schedule. For those who think it has come and gone... it has not. Statistically does are bred around the same time every year, due to fawns being born later in the spring to survive. Hunters will also experience a "2nd" rut in December! Still…

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The most favorable time of the year is here for the outdoorsman: FALL

The leaves are at their peak colors and temperatures are dropping, things are only getting better! With most hunting seasons already underway there is plenty of opportunity to keep busy! Pheasant opener kicked off on October 15th. Followed by youth deer the 20th-23rd. Get outside and have some fun!


PHEASANTS - 10/15/22
YOUTH DEER - 10/20-10/23/22

→ PRO TIP: I have had some early success on the water, duck hunting and in the woods deer hunting! Some key things I look for while hunting in the month of October are: big temperature changes, barometric pressures greater than 30, moon phases, and hunting near pre-rut…

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